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Frenova Noersal Law (FNL) Office is dedicated to the realization of truth and justice in Indonesia through strict adherence to the rule of law. We focus on providing legal services to help clients meet their needs by solving issues in the areas of civil law, criminal law, employment law, community-related challenges in mining, visa, and immigration challenges through the provision of corporate and commercial assistance.

FNL was established in 2019 with its main partner Berdikari Office of Advocates and Legal Consultants. Although arguably a young law office, the FNL is growing rapidly and consists of smart and talented lawyers and consultants who are tough and flexible when providing our services to our clients. Our lawyers and consultants provide sophisticated advice and solutions through understanding our client’s needs and wants.

We bring a significant understanding of business and legal culture to help our clients in executing even the most challenging deals. Our vision is Restitutio in Integrum Formando Mundum Meliorem. It means a restoration to the original condition and making a better world.  To support this vision, our mission is:

  • Providing Justice, Benefits, and Legal Certainty
  • Become the most trusted and recognized best Law Firm in Indonesia
  • Give the right legal services to our clients.

Our organization’s core values are:

  • Justice & Integrity
  • Excellence & Professional
  • Energetic & Creative.

Our lawyers and consultants possess an excellent ability to work independently or as a team to provide the best and most appropriate legal services to clients.

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