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Senior Associate Profile

Mr. Efriandi focuses his law practice on commercial litigation, civil litigation, and criminal litigation. He aims to provide advice and assistance to domestic and international clients. He has an impressive experience he gained from working as an advocate for several major law firms in Indonesia.

Moreover, Mr. Efriandi has also had an extensive organizational background since young. He has been involved in various youth and legal organizations. Among them are Alumni UBH, Jaringan Advokat Minangkabau, and Minangkabau Diaspora Network.

Mr. Efriandi began his career in the department of HR of PT Sintai Batam in 2003. Then, he switched his career to become a marketing agent for PT Mahadana Asta Berjangka, PT Prudential Indonesia, and PT Standard Chartered Indonesia from 2007 until 2014. In 2014, he finally went into the legal industry as a legal and marketing staff at PT Citra Inti Garda Sentosa. Later, he managed to become an advocate working for Elza Syarief Law Office Advocate & Legal Consultants & Partners from 2016 until 2019. Lastly, he worked at Andy Law Office Advocate & Legal Consultants & Partners in 2019, before deciding to join FNL.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Universitas Bung Hatta.


  • Licensed to practice law as an advocate by the Indonesian Bar Association (Peradi, License Number 16.06113)
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