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Frenova Noersal, S.H., M.H.
Managing Partner

Mr. Frenova Noersal is the Managing Partner of Law Firm FNL and leads a high-profile team that has expertise across a broad range of legal practices which includes corporate, commercial, employment, litigation, and specialist legal services to national and international clients.

With over twenty-eight (28) years of providing services to Indonesian organizations and international businesses, Mr. Frenova Noersal has extensive experience in handling cases in Indonesia requiring his expertise in employment law, dispute resolution, and court litigation. Read More

Evak K. Riauwindu, S.H., M.H.

Mr. Evak K. Riauwindu joined the FNL law office and became a partner in 2019. His practice focuses on mediation, trial, and appellate litigation.

Before joining the FNL, he served as human resources & general affairs manager in oil & gas fabrication facilities, shipyard, as well as in modern office building management companies for more than 30 years primarily handling industrial relations practice and corporate business law. Read More

Alex C. Timmerman, Bc.Hk., S.H., M.H.Li, MBA, Ph.D.

Mr. Alex C. Timmerman joined the FNL law office and became a partner in 2019. Before joining the FNL, he was the head of the Yustisia law firm in Tanjung Pinang, and since 2010 until now he has also managed and led the Berdikari advocacy office in Yogyakarta.

Mr. Alex C. Timmerman has extensive experience in litigation proceedings as well as in providing legal services on all kinds of criminal and civil legal matters. Read More

Lukman, S.H.
Senior Lawyer

Mr. Lukman has been practicing as a lawyer since 1995 (27 years) and has handled various criminal and civil cases, such as banking, inheritance, buying and selling, debts, derden verzet (the extraordinary legal efforts made by a third party in a civil case) drugs, fraud, embezzlement, murder, etc.

Prior to joining the FNL law office, Mr. Lukman had been a legal consultant at PT Taman Wisata Candi (a state-owned company) for five years and had handled judicial review cases and lawsuits at the PTUN (State Administrative Court). Read More

Fauzi Junaidi, S.H.

Before joining the FNL law office in early 2022, Mr. Fauzi had worked as a faction expert in the Payakumbuh DPRD (Regional People’s Representative Council) for three years, some of which were tasked with assisting and providing input to faction members in drafting Regional Regulations, actively communicating and coordinating with local governments through members of the Planning and Budgeting Agency. Read More

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