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About FNL

Frenova Noersal, S.H., M.H., & Partners – AKA FNL – our law office has positioned itself to emerge as one of the leading law offices in Indonesia and as with all good businesses, we are preparing ourselves for the rapid change that is taking place.  FNL continues to undergo transformation in direct response to the latest legal challenges, developments and affairs that businesses and individuals alike face in the current changing environment.

As a full-service law office, FNL law also has a strong litigation and non-litigation team consisting of specialist lawyers that work closely with corporate consultants with hands-on executive business experience providing advice and solutions that meet our client’s needs.  This dynamic combination of practical commercial insight and legal knowledge and practices delivers more value to the client through engagement and interaction on levels that few law offices can deliver.

The continuous regeneration and rejuvenation of the nation’s young lawyers is an absolute to build a healthy legal tradition in Indonesia. By having keen minds, strong determination, and high curiosity, FNL will consistently uphold the law, seek truth, and preserve justice through its commitment to integrity and morality.

Being part of our clients’ core team means that we must be able to consider the commercial reality of their business while meeting their legal requirements, – and we do it. Having a broad network of professional contacts in all sectors (Human Resources, corporate finance, etc.) means we can offer our clients support beyond their legal requirements in a more optimal and stable manner.

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