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What is a land dispute?

Land disputes are differences of opinion regarding the validity of a right, granting land rights, and registration of land rights including the transfer and issuance of proof of rights, between interested parties and between interested parties and agencies within the National Land Agency (BPN).

Some land cases that often occur:

  • Land sale and purchase disputes
  • Rent land & buildings
  • Apartment purchase disputes
  • Case of house construction
  • Project land acquisition
  • Land execution
  • Credit guarantee
  • Forgery of land documents
  • Placement of land without rights
  • Etc.

The best land dispute lawyers will ask for actual facts about the condition of the dispute and will take advantage of preventive legal measures, such as finding out where the real problem lies, whether it is enough to use executive balance alone, or through interaction and judicial. Lawyers will provide clear analysis to clients based on facts that there is really nothing to hide. So that the settlement of land dispute legal events experienced by a person or corporation is properly handled in accordance with the principles and laws that apply in Indonesia.

Land dispute lawyers must be observant in providing solutions to land law problems experienced by their clients, as well as a comprehensive way of thinking. Because of the complexity of land disputes, sometimes they are not only related to individuals, but also related to the government or the National Land Agency (BPN), the settlement method is not only through formal channels available in the executive branch, but also involves other independent institutions. Land issues are not only private issues, but also public issues involving the state in ratifying certificates by the state. So, it is very necessary to strengthen the networks and the strategy for the effectiveness of handling land cases in a very complex field.

FNL & Partners is a conscientious attorney in resolving land disputes, because it is supported by reliable lawyers and has a network that will support the dispute resolution process.

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